Frequently asked questions

When will you be open for business?

2021 Rental Season is now closed. 2022 Rental Season: May - October

What is an E-Bike?

An Electric Bicycle is just a regular bicycle with an electric motor and a great feature called Pedal Assist. When you turn on that feature, the motor activates to assist you while you pedal. This helps you move easier uphill, permits you to cover longer distances without overexerting yourself, and promotes exercise for those of us that are not avid bike riders. It really helps enjoy the bicycle ride to its fullest extent. Our E-Bikes are the Class 2 type that assist up to a top speed of 20 MPH and are safe to use on the street or any trail that allows the use of bicycles. See our E-Bike Legistaliton page for more details & other important rules of use.

Do you rent Mobility Scooters and what are those?

A mobility scooter is a personal assistance device that helps folks with certain mobility needs to easily move around from place to place. They are four wheeled electric carts that don't require pedaling and don't reach more than 5 MPH, making them safe to use around any pedestrian path and anywhere mobility assistance devices are allowed. Check them out on our rental page. See our M-Scooter Legislature page for more details of use and regulations.
$60 Daily Rental.

What are the E-Bike Rental prices?

Hourly Rentals:

All prices are subject to change. Tax, Service, & Delivery Fees may apply. * Premium E-Bikes are priced slightly higher.

Where is your location?

We Deliver our E-Bikes & Mobility Scooters to you. You decide where to Explore your Outdoors! We deliver to multiple locations from Geneva on the Lake, to Austinburg, to Ashtabula, from Mentor to Chardon & other surrounding towns.

  • Western Reserve Greenway
  • Spire Institute
  • Geneva On The Lake & Geneva State Park
  • Ashtabula Harbor
  • Maple Highland Trail
  • Lodging establishments, campgrounds, parks, homes...
Check out our Spoke Locations page for more information.